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Greetings stranger, take a break from your journey and browse through my store!



First of all, I'd like to welcome you to my small and honest LEGO® store, where I enjoy selling new and used LEGO®, and I hope you are enjoying your short stay!




-A little about myself-



My picture


Receiving my first Lego set some time ago


My name is Gerald, and I'm a LEGO® fan from the South of Spain.


I discovered selling bricks one time that I was looking to purchase new bricks for my videos. I used to make Lego® stopmotion videos when I was younger.

After a couple purchases, I thought: well, I'm purchasing here, so why don't I sell too?

And then I started selling. Invested some money, grew my store, lurked around, and here I am! Now trying to do what I do in a professional way, but with personality.

And you can't tell how much I love doing what I do here.



-The store basics-




    There are NO paypal fees and no lot limits or minimum buy.
  • Shipments will be sent in bubble mailers or boxes. If I have it in mint condition, I will make sure it gets the same way to you.
    NO smokers and NO pets get into my house.
  • Oh wait, we have three fish, does that count? ;-)



Last but not least: have fun and enjoy shopping!


 Last Updated: 19 Nov 2013